Advanced care supports lasting relief from TMJ symptoms by treating dysfunction at its source

When the jaw muscles and joints are not functioning as they should be, it can be a real pain! In fact, conditions associated with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are often debilitating and can affect the health of your whole body, well-being, and quality of life. There is a silver lining in the form of the El Cajon, California, office of Laurel Morello DDS. Dr. Morello’s career has been distinguished by advanced and ongoing training in diagnosing and treating conditions related to surrounding, supportive maxillofacial tissues and structures.

These include TMJ disorders or dysfunction (TMJDs). She is joined in this pursuit of comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and prompt interventions for TMJD by her son, Dr. Paul Morello. Together, they are equipped to provide real and lasting relief from an array of TMJD symptoms by precisely pinpointing the actual “source” and treating that root cause.

What is to blame for TMJD

Our team appreciates that patients crave (and deserve) more than symptom relief alone. They need solutions that stick to resolve the underlying cause of jaw locking, disrupted range of motion, and other issues with function. Such functional concerns impact and arise from TMJ that is present on both sides of the face. The TMJs connect the jaw and the skull, and when not disordered, they support painless, smooth, and efficient movements. So, they are essential for vital motions such as chewing foods, talking, laughing, and yawning – and otherwise opening and closing your mouth!

Often, the collection of functional conditions that fall under the “TMJD” banner is rooted in the position of the teeth and jaws and any stressors that may be placed on this intricate system of muscles, joints, and connected tissues. When misalignment or malocclusion, as well as untreated bruxism (teeth grinding) and other habits, are present, it can affect how the many parts of this system work. In addition to pain, our TMJD patients often complain about jaw stiffness, clicking and popping sounds when moving their mouth, frequent headaches and earaches, and a buzzing or ringing in their ears.

A long-term solution is here!

Easing a shorter-term pain episode or “flare-up” is important, but it is just the start at Laurel Morello DDS. We detect the structural, behavioral, and other problems that are to blame for the development of symptoms like those mentioned above. Our doctors then apply their substantial, advanced expertise in disciplines such as TMJDs and orthotropics to tailor therapies to each patient’s one-of-a-kind characteristics. Many effective options are not invasive, and, as such, risks with surgery and anesthesia are avoided.

Depending on your needs, a custom oral device such as a splint may be recommended to lift the force and tension placed on the TMJs and neighboring soft and hard tissues. We can also adjust the position of teeth and restorations to promote a balanced bite. Even something seemingly simple as repairing or replacing old or worn restorations can make a big difference in your bite and experience with TMJDs. Treatment accounts for multiple disciplines and may even involve relaxation techniques and exercises to ease tension and strengthen affected muscles.

Don’t ignore TMJ pain any longer!

Untreated, TMJD symptoms can happen more frequently and may feel far worse. Additionally, bite imbalances can threaten the health of other teeth and lead to more destructive oral health problems. So, we encourage you to contact our team in El Cajon, CA, sooner rather than later at (619) 404-2634. Your individualized treatment sequence awaits – for a more comfortable, happier, healthier future and “you.”