Stopping gum disease in its tracks with advanced treatment tailored to your needs

The office of Laurel Morello DDS is defined partly by continuing education on the latest technologies and techniques to accurately, promptly, and painlessly detect and treat conditions like gum disease. In turn, our dentists, Drs Laurel, and Paul Morello, help to prevent and stop this progressive and common condition before it leads to tooth loss.

Tailored periodontal treatments in El Cajon, California

Healthy gums are largely pinkish-red. They are firm and attach snugly to the teeth. Signs of gum disease are often very subtle or even asymptomatic in their earliest stages. As the condition progresses from early-stage gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, patients may notice dusky red, bleeding gums, as well as spaces between the gums and teeth. These “periodontal pockets” are indicative of gum disease.

Without treatment, the gums recede or pull away from the teeth, resulting in a “long in the tooth” appearance to the smile as more of the white crown is exposed. Pocket depth can provide some clues as to the extent or severity of the condition. Depending on treatments may range from modifications to home care and special products or rinses to periodontal therapies to rebuild lost tissues.

For earlier-stage disease or gingival inflammation, we may recommend:

  • Professional cleanings – Of course, these cleanings are fundamental to a solid hygiene program. They are typically done once every six months during regular check-ups. Our hygienists have special instruments and capabilities to remove even the most stubborn, destructive plaque build-up or tartar.
  • Guidance on home care – As noted, we can advise and illustrate how to brush and floss more effectively. We may recommend or even prescribe special antibacterial rinses.
  • Scaling and root planning – This “deep cleaning” involves removing bacteria and other causes of disease from the teeth and from underneath the gum tissue. The “planning” part of the process consists of smoothing the roots of the teeth. They tend to attract and collect bacteria due to their rough root surfaces.

In more modest cases of periodontitis, nonsurgical treatments may be appropriate and effective at preventing tissue damage and irreversible bone loss. American Academy of Periodontology guidelines generally advise that periodontal health should be restored and sustained in the least invasive way possible. More conservative treatments require less demands on your body and time for healing and recovery and are associated with fewer side effects and risks of complications.

Surgical options may be needed in cases such as advanced periodontitis or when the gums don’t respond to nonsurgical techniques and interventions such as home care and lifestyle modifications; for example, pocket reduction removes bacteria and closes the spaces between the gums and teeth that give rise to disease.

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