Teledentistry: Bridging the miles to get the dental care that your smile needs

Teledentistry is alive and well at the office of Laurel Morello DDS in El Cajon, California. This convenient, stress- and hassle-free approach to getting dental care is appropriate in good, challenging, and bad times alike. 

Get to know (or reacquaint yourself with) teledentistry!

“Tele” refers to being at a distance. So, “teledentistry represents those dental care services that you need, provided from a location that is distant (or “remote”) from you. Our mother-son dentist duo, Drs Laurel and Paul Morello, have bridged the miles between you and our office with a blend of sophisticated telecommunications and meeting capabilities. 

Getting connected to us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • You will select a convenient time for your appointment at this link. 
  • Before the designated appointment time, you will be provided with instructions on how to connect with us. 
  • Once connected virtually to your dentist, the visit takes place just as it would in the “offline” world or in person at our office. 

Certain services lend themselves particularly well to teledentistry. They include the following: 

  • Preventive and general care and guidance – The condition and state of your teeth, gums, and mouth have far-reaching effects on your day-to-day function and well-being. When you can’t chew comfortably, your nutrition suffers. Nutritional deficiencies can present a threat to your systemic health and make existing conditions or comorbidities worse. We appreciate, however, that some concerns or questions related to your oral health and function may not warrant an in-office or urgent dental appointment. We are happy to discuss any changes that may concern you or questions that you may have about proper brushing techniques or oral care products to use during a teledentistry visit. It’s just like we are sitting across from each other in the office, only without the logistical hurdles and headaches of getting to and from it.
  • Cosmetic consultation – Have you always hated the look of a particular tooth? Do you feel like a gap between your front teeth is growing larger and more prominent as you get older? You don’t have to physically “be” at our office to discuss what you dislike about your smile and how you want to change it. Get a head start on creating the stunning smile that you’ve always wanted or once had. We also use special technologies to create “mock-ups” or a virtual simulation of potential cosmetic dentistry procedure options.
  • Sleeping well consults – Over her distinguished career, Dr. Laurel Morello has developed a special interest and expertise in sleep dentistry and airway problems. During a “sleep well” consultation, she can advise on simple methods to relax the brain and improve breathing before going to bed. Tailored guidance can be provided to resolve potentially life-altering conditions with sleep-disordered breathing over a secure virtual network.

Regardless of your specific needs, patient confidentiality and safety are paramount. Know that you are always in good hands, whether your visit is “online” or “offline.” Call the Laurel Morello DDS team in El Cajon, CA, at (619) 404-2634 to learn more about teledentistry and its benefits for your smile and oral and overall health and function.