Get beaming again with bonding … For smiles that shine without the hefty price tag and time commitment

Not all patients desire or need extensive treatment to dramatically change their smiles. If, for instance, you have a minor or modest concern about the shape, color, or other aspects of one or a few visible teeth, we have a straightforward, cost-effective, and tooth-preserving way to address it: cosmetic dental bonding.

How to improve your smile in one visit

At the office of Laura Morello DDS in El Cajon, California, we appreciate that the smile’s appearance can either help or hinder your confidence, self-image, mental and emotional health, and overall quality of life. Since the appearance of the teeth is central to the overall appearance of the smile, an oddly shaped or worn-down tooth can make you feel less than your absolute best. Additionally, very stained or deeply discolored teeth, as well as cracks, gaps, and other spacing issues, can affect the aesthetics of the smile and how you feel about yourself. 

Fortunately, dental bonding is a versatile and easy/low-risk way to make these and other cosmetic concerns disappear! One of our talented dentists, Drs Laura or Paul Morello, applies a malleable and putty-like dental material to the surfaces of the teeth that need “fixing” and are visible when you smile. This color-matched composite resin may be shaped and sculpted by our dentists to cover up and, thereby, correct flaws in the shade, contour, size, and other characteristics of the teeth. The resin is then hardened, trimmed, refined, and polished to restore the concerning tooth (or teeth) to a brilliantly beautiful appearance. 

Due to our exacting techniques when preparing and bonding or securing the resin to the tooth, the resin material is designed to last. Be sure to care for your teeth well at home and maintain regular visits at our office. As needed, it may be necessary to protect dental work from damage caused by behaviors and habits like chronic teeth grinding. This condition, known as bruxism, can be addressed with oral appliance therapy, splints, or “night guards.” 

Experience the beauty and ease of dental bonding!

This cosmetic dentistry procedure is fast. It can be completed in just one visit. It is also conservative. No tooth enamel is removed. The troublesome teeth are simply lightly abraded and conditioned to ensure a strong bond with the composite. Due to this feature, the process is painless. It does not require numbing medication for comfort. 

Additionally, we can even select a lighter shade of resin to provide a dual benefit – lightening the teeth while beautifying them in other ways by disguising cosmetic flaws. Lastly, bonding is an affordable alternative to procedures such as porcelain veneers. 

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