Complete implant care – from surgical placement to restoration

There are nearly 1,200 dentists to choose from in the greater El Cajon, California area. Many of these dental offices may advertise implant services. However, at the office of Laurel Morello DDS, we are among that rare breed to offer truly complete implant services. Thanks to Dr. Paul Morello’s advanced expertise and knowledge, we can prepare the tissues, surgically place the implants, and restore them to support the most functional and aesthetic results. There is no need to go anywhere else!

The problem: Missing teeth 

The health, state, and condition of our teeth have a significant impact on various aspects of our lives. When teeth are badly damaged, loose, or missing, we may feel embarrassed about our appearance. We likely hide our teeth and may be afraid to laugh, speak, or smile confidently. Furthermore, gaps in our smile can affect nutrition. It may be difficult or uncomfortable to chew a wide range of foods. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to complications from tooth loss. 

Tooth loss also hastens bone loss, a progressive and destructive condition that alters the facial structure and appearance and makes existing problems with chewing food and speech worse. Also, teeth tend to shift toward gaps or excess spaces in our smiles. Crooked teeth are harder to clean. Bite imbalances may arise, and existing teeth may be vulnerable to excessive wear and tear. The list of potential whole-health consequences of tooth loss goes on and on. Fortunately, we have a modern and unique treatment that directly aims at these complications. 

The answer: Implant-supported teeth 

Traditionally, options to replace missing teeth only included the visible part of the tooth – the crown and the surrounding gum tissue (in the case of dentures). These prosthetic options did not account for the vital components of the tooth that are in the jaw and are not visible to the human eye. Systems for tooth replacement that include implants account for both the crown and the root. In fact, one implant may be inserted into the jawbone to support and stabilize a single replacement tooth with a crown. Or, a few implants can be surgically placed by Dr. Paul to retain a dental bridge or several missing teeth. A minimal number of implants (as few as four) can even be applied to hold an entire upper or lower denture in place – thereby replacing all the teeth in the dental arch.

Implant-supported prosthetic teeth are generally completed in phases and over several months. During the first phase, the titanium implant post is surgically placed at the site of the missing tooth in the jawbone. It replaces the missing root to ensure that the restoration later connected to it is stable. As the treatment site heals over the next three to six months, the surrounding bone fuses or joins to the biocompatible titanium implant. Next, the abutment or connector piece is applied. 

During the second phase, the restoration or crown is attached to the implant and abutment. Voila! Your smile is restored. Since the implant is designed to look, feel, and function like a natural tooth, this prosthetic has a high patient satisfaction rate. With a balanced diet, good oral hygiene, and regular visits to your friends at Laurel Morello DDS, your new teeth can truly last a lifetime. 

Get smiling, laughing, and eating your favorite foods again. Call our office in El Cajon, CA, today at (619) 404-2634 to discuss your options for replacing missing teeth.