A world of modern options awaits to replace missing teeth with dentures

Few dental services are as rewarding and life-affirming as dentures. At the office of Laurel Morello DDS, we have helped individuals from across the El Cajon, California, area regain their smiles, and in doing so, they have restored their way of life. 

Get to know today’s dentures

The dentures designed, placed, adjusted, and maintained by Drs Laurel and Paul Morello have never been more durable and attractive. We have numerous cutting-edge tools at our disposal to aid in planning dentures that look, feel, and function like healthy, natural teeth. Additionally, there have never been more materials and systems to choose from to achieve the most natural-looking result. Gone are the days of plastic-looking “false teeth” that never seemed to stay in place.

Generally, in consultation with our patients, we may recommend one of these oral appliances to replace several or all of the teeth. The specific recommendation depends on various factors, including the location and number of missing teeth, the condition of any remaining teeth, and personal preferences. It can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks to get your new teeth, but here again, that timeline depends on patient needs and the denture type. 

Dentures have largely been classified as:

  • Complete 
  • Partial

As its name suggests, the complete denture is designed to replace all the teeth in an entire dental arch. The arch is the curved part of your mouth that “houses” the teeth. As needed, it may be necessary to replace all the teeth in both the upper and lower arches. These dentures sit on the gums and jawbone. The prosthetic teeth and gum tissue are stabilized in the jaw by natural suction in the mouth. 

We can also recommend special denture products and services to restore or further enhance the fit and satisfaction patients get from their appliances. Additionally, dentures may be supported or “retrofitted” with dental implants. The implants are surgically inserted in the jawbone to replace the tooth roots. Once the denture is attached to them, implants function like natural roots to retain the replacement teeth. 

The partial denture may be appropriate for patients who are missing one tooth (or more) and still have some remaining natural teeth. This appliance is made up of a thin framework. Fitted with clasps or hooks, the denture connects to the neighboring, remaining teeth. In doing so, these teeth help to anchor or stabilize the partial. 

Both partial and complete dentures require making impressions or models of the mouth. These models guide the fabrication of your custom-fit denture. With partials, however, an additional step may be necessary to “prepare” the neighboring teeth. These teeth may need to be built up to support the denture. Denture planning also involves:

  • Recording the relationship of the arches to each other.
  • Adjusting the “bite” and evaluating for speech and other functions.
  • Proper denture shape and teeth color. 

After you receive your dentures, we will work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Getting used to wearing and using your dentures comfortably and effortlessly may take practice. Plus, we can discuss any ongoing adjustments necessary to maintain the fit that supports comfort and healthy function.

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