A guide to teeth whitening by the “pros” – that really works and is safe and comfortable

Everyone desires and deserves a beautiful smile. However, with time, habits or behaviors like smoking, coffee, and even illnesses can dull, stain, or discolor our formerly radiant and healthy-looking teeth. Fortunately, the team at Laurel Morello DDS in El Cajon, California, gets your healthy, youthful, and vibrant smile back with professional teeth whitening that works.

Generally, dentists like Drs. Laurel and Paul Morello have two options to make over the shade of your yellow, dark, or stained teeth. These options include: 

  • Home whitening 
  • In-office “power” whitening

Many of our patients have enjoyed the benefits of both options; the “power” whitening process achieves their ideal smile in just one visit. The home whitening process helps to maintain those lovely results. 

Whitening at home with custom trays

This simple and effective option involves our team first taking an impression of your mouth. This impression is used as a model to make your custom whitening trays. Once the trays are made, our friendly and skilled team provides them to you. We also show you how to use and care for these unique, custom-fit oral appliances. You get instructions on how long to wear the trays each day and the total treatment time. “Wear time” depends on a variety of factors, including: 

  • The strength of the concentrated whitening gel that is used with your trays to lighten teeth
  • The degree or severity of staining
  • Each patient’s desired, unique results and goals

Results can either last a few months or a few years. This also depends on many factors, ranging from personal habits to the shade and condition of the teeth.

Chairside whitening at our office 

You can lighten stained or discolored teeth by many shades in just one visit. Office whitening is safe, highly customizable, and super-quick. One of our team members will apply a protective cream to your lips and gums. Then, the concentrated peroxide gel is applied evenly to the teeth to produce a fantastic yet natural look. We can accomplish this feat due to the “light-activated” nature of the gel; when a specialized light-based/laser device comes in contact with the whitening solution, the process is accelerated. Treatment can be completed in one to two hours. The results are visible almost immediately. Call the office of Laurel Morello, DDS, in El Cajon, CA, at (619) 404-2634 to learn more. We are happy to discuss ways to avoid potential discomfort and sensitivity, sustain results, and prevent re-staining.