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Dentists know their life’s work is about more than supporting the health and beauty of the teeth and gums alone. The office of Dr. Laurel Morello embodies this notion; our team in El Cajon, California, provides an array of advanced services to maintain or restore a healthy mouth and a healthy “you”! Dr. Morello considers how oral health is connected to overall/systemic health and well-being in all that she does. She is joined in pursuing this mission by her dentist son, Dr. Paul Morello. Furthermore, our dental “family” helps your family by leaning into the latest technologies and training on cutting-edge techniques. Our highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology add up to a capability-rich environment.

All the services you’ll ever need under one roof!

At Laurel Morello DDS, patients remain with the team they know and trust – no need to be referred to an outside and unfamiliar specialist. We stand out with the ability to perform many complex procedures in-house. Furthermore, “standard” services (like professional exams) are complemented by sophisticated technologies that elevate patient comfort, convenience, and overall experience at our office. We encourage you to sink your teeth into a few of the ways that we are different from other dental practices near us in San Diego County and much farther beyond:

  • Holistic care to address breathing and sleep function – Dr. Morello has developed considerable expertise in airway-focused dentistry. Many health conditions and ailments are rooted in airway dysfunction and other problems that transcend the teeth and gums. She has the experience and technologies to resolve everything from sleep-disordered breathing (sleep apnea) to symptoms of TMJ disorder. She is particularly interested in early interventions and monitoring of airway and craniofacial development among children. ALF therapy presents a compelling way to address anatomical, traumatic and emotional abnormalities that affect breathing and other basic functions not only early in life but that persist later in life.
  • The “best” in tooth replacement – While every effort is made to “save” natural teeth, not all damage can be resolved with endodontic treatments like root canal therapy. In those cases, our dentists may recommend crowns, bridges, or dentures supported by dental implants. These implants replace the roots of the teeth to stabilize the prosthetic optimally. This is the only form of tooth replacement that accounts for the roots and the structure of natural teeth.
  • Advanced surgical capabilities – For patients with bone loss, our dentists may “build up” the bony tissue with grafting. While also making room for implants in tight spaces by lifting the sinus.

Laurel Morello DDS is here for you, regardless of your changing needs. If you are due for a check-up, schedule one at our El Cajon, CA office. Our friendly, fun, and engaging team can be reached at (619) 404-2634. With proactive care, we can help you avoid the need for more intensive restorative services.

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Change the Way You Look at Airways

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Airway issues can contribute to a number of health problems. ALF therapy and lifestyle changes can improve the quality of life for patients of all ages.

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Using Advanced Light Force, we can improve your ability to breathe easily and enhance your overall wellness. Give us a call to learn more!

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The appliances used in ALF treatment are designed to promote your long-term health. Schedule a consultation to learn if this treatment is right for you.

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Snore No More!

If you have avoided sleep apnea treatment because of bulky CPAP machines or oral appliances, then we have just the treatment for you! Using our cutting-edge Lightwalker laser, we can help open your airway and give you (and your loved ones!) the amazing sleep you deserve with a NON-SURGICAL, NO PAIN, NON-INVASIVE PROCEDURE! Contact us today to learn more and get started on this revolutionary treatment.

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