Advanced Light Force (ALF) is a unique approach to orthodontics and dentistry. It utilizes a discreet wire configuration on the inner side of the teeth to apply light intermittent pressure on the surrounding teeth, nerves, cranial bones and tissues of the palate. This signals the upper jaw to grow while straightening and spacing the teeth. It also encourages a broader and more efficient airway to combat breathing disorders. By correcting abnormalities in the upper and lower jaws, The ALF appliance and the adjunctive therapies necessary to the process can contribute to a whole body wellness brought on in great part by the ability to breathe normally. With the orofacial apparatus in order many have realized subsiding of TMJ pain and dysfunction, asthma, headaches, neck and back pain, psychological disorders, ADHD type disorders and numerous other seemingly unrelated ailments.

If you would like to try an alternative method to traditional orthodontia and braces that is discreet, effective and gentle, the ALF method might be a viable possibility for your treatment. Help yourself get the beautiful smile and healthy bite that you’ve always wanted and come to us for help with ALF today. Our dentist, Dr. Laurel Morello, is part of an exclusive group of California dentists who provide this innovative service. If you have any questions or are looking for an ALF provider in El Cajon, California, please give us a call at 619-444-4083 today to learn more and schedule your next appointment with us.