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Cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Laurel Morello offers you 35 years of experience and discernment. Couple these with her dedication and artistic eye and watch the exciting process of creating a new smile or renewing a smile unfold.

Veneers enhance your smile by hiding stains and discolored teeth and creating symmetry by correcting misalignment. The teeth are usually altered or prepared for this procedure however no preparation veneers may be indicated in certain cases where tooth position is optimal. Veneers are a thin porcelain covering and are customized to slide over the teeth and bonded into place. Veneers are long-lasting and an esthetic enhancement to your smile. Although most often this is a 2 appointment procedure, preparing the teeth and temporizing with custom temporaries at the first appointment and bonding to place the permanent veneers at the second appointment certain smile makeovers can also be candidates for same day placement without lab time between appointments.

Esthetic Crowns
A crown is a tooth colored porcelain or porcelain-like restoration that encloses the entire tooth. Extensive caries threatening the integrity of the tooth, ie. Far easier to break and rotated, misaligned or spaced teeth sometimes require full control of all the surfaces in the design to achieve the best cosmetic result.

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Cosmetic DentistDental Reconstruction

Porcelain CrownsSmile Makeover

Cosmetic Bonding
Boonding is a great way to bring back your dazzling smile and perfect your look. In this procedure, a thin coat of resin bonded composite is sculpted over the teeth giving them strength and making them blend in with natural teeth. Unlike veneers, it usually requires minimal or no alteration of the teeth. Like porcelain veneers, closing open spaces, visual straightening, color enhancement and strengthening are typical objectives sought in this treatment. Check with Dr. Morello to see if you are a candidate for this cosmetic option.

Full Cosmetic Bonding Case by Dr Morello

Full Cosmetic BondingDental Bonding

Implant Supported Cosmetic Crowns vs Partial Dentures
This choice to replace missing teeth is often the preferred method...no adjacent teeth need be involved allowing flossability and the tooth is permanently in place. However there are times where much bone support has been lost with collapse of the face. In this case the best esthetic result may require the well formed plastic boarders of a partial denture to support the missing tooth and the face by replacing lost bone. Though not the most comfortable most individuals become accustomed to a partial denture and enjoy the youthful benefits it affords by keeping the face well supported in the right places.

Teeth Whitening
Laser or chairside whitening (In-office procedure): A whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a laser or self activating gel activates the process. This procedure allows for a whitening effect which creates a whiter and brighter smile and usually takes only one visit of approximately two hours for our office to achieve the desired result. This procedure also includes take home trays and whitening gel for occasional touch ups at home or to improve more tenacious discoloration. Not all teeth are created equal in their ability to whiten.

Take-home whitening: Custom-made whitening trays are fabricated to assist you in performing the whitening process in the comfort of your own home. The trays are worn 1 - 2 hours each day for two weeks or longer if necessary for you to reach your desired result.

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