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Preventive Dentistry

Your teeth are anchored in bone covered with pink protective gums; this is the foundation that must be maintained throughout your life to prevent tooth loss. Disease can attack the bone and gums also known as gingiva as well as the teeth themselves. Dental caries is the result of the presence of a harmful film of bacteria on and around your teeth that produce acids which destroy the enamel and dentin of your very precious teeth. This biofilm starts growing within 30 minutes of you cleaning your teeth.

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The periodontium (peri: around dontium; teeth) refers to the surrounding bone, gingiva and mucosa. Bacteria live around and under the gums causing irritation,swelling, bleeding gums, infection and eventually bone loss if not carefully cared for at home and by your dental professional. The worst case scenario would be tooth loss from complete loss of supporting bone.

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Around each tooth the gum folds over and creates a crevice (the place where popcorn kernels get caught). The depths of these pockets are measured at your cleaning recall appointments and the heaalthy range is 1-3 millimeters. Deeper pockets are harder to maintain with regular brushing and flossing. At times additional treatments involving removal and of attached deposits and smoothing of the roots may be necessary to restore health to the pockets and normal pocket depths.

Everyone has their own formula for what lives in their mouth. As you know, there are individuals who've never had a cavity filled and/or experienced threatening gum disease. In our practice our goal is to determine what your formula is and make recommendations for home care, diet and recall as it pertains to YOU! We can measure the biofilm of bacteria that grows on your teeth, test your saliva for acidity and follow your particular patterns for recurrent decay or sudden shifts in healthy periodontium to increasing pocket depths around your gums. We want you to have glowing reports at your check up apppointments!

Ask yourself...

Why do my gums always bleed when I brush?

Why do my gums bleed when I floss?

Why do my teeth hurt when I chew harder foods?

Why is my tooth or are my teeth loose?

Why do I ALWAYS have a new cavity at my check up appointments?

Why do my upper teeth ache at times.

Why does my breath smell?

Where is that bad taste in my mouth coming from?

These are some of the questions we can help answer for you. We look for effective and affordable ways to keep your oral cavity in a state of health. Methods for fighting decay and its recurrence and periodontal maintenance are our key objectives.

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