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Dr. Laurel Morello welcomes you to her El Cajon dental office where you will find the utmost in care and artistry for cosmetic and reconstructive and implant dentistry. With an emphasis on Airway management and dental sleep medicine she meshes the worlds of dentistry and airway to deliver an optimum result functionally and cosmetically while encouraging long term health through sleep and breathing management. Although a snoreguard can assist with restful better oxygenated sleep snoring can be a sign of problems much greater. Learn more with an airway evaluation with Dr. Morello.

Dr MorelloDr. Laurel Morello carries her 35 years of practice to you in her commitment to provide first class treatment in her state of the art dental facility. Our San Diego cosmetic dental office has a white picket fence out front...a true reflection of the friendly and cozy environment inside. We are a compassionate and gentle team that strives to ease your fears. We listen.

Our El Cajon dental practice is dedicated to making your visit comfortable, relaxing and above all, effective. Not only will your work be done well, but it will be done in a way that looks and feels great. Even simple dentistry needs to be done with the precision of an artistic eye. With the attention to subtle details, Dr. Morello ensures your dentistry will have the look and integrity of natural teeth. Dr. Morello and the entire team listen to your input and apply it to your needs and expectations: this along with the expertise and knowledge Dr. Morello provides will dictate the final result.

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Dr. Morello's cosmetic and family dentistry patients will attest to her painless procedures for which she always has taken the utmost care to effect. Many of her patients brag about the great massages she gives to those tired jaw, neck and back muscles after dental procedures. So sit back and relax with headphones, pillows and blankets offered during treatment.

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